About Us

Spencer’s Gearbox and Diff Repairs

Spencer’s Gearbox and Diff Repairs has been part of the automotive trade since 1997 and is well known in the industry.

We specialise in vehicle repairs on gearboxes, differentials, clutches, prop shafts, side shafts, CV joints, brakes and more… See all services

Spencer himself is proud to say that he still works on the bench with his team, ensuring a managed and steadfast turnaround time.

At Spencer’s Gearbox and Diff Repairs we strive for excellent service, quality workmanship and reliability while ensuring our clients of the best price possible.

All our work at Spencer’s Gearbox and Diff Repairs carries a 1 year / 20,000 km warranty.

As we form part of the greater Motor Industry, we partner up with businesses alike for assistance and out-source work.

For the convenience of our clients, we carry new parts on-hand to ensure a reliable turnaround time. Good second-hand parts available to purchase at reasonable pricing. Consumables to purchase are also available on request.